Easiest Way To Accept Payment via PayPal.

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PayPal & Payoneer are two services that are lifeline of most freelancing & small businesses. These platforms help Netizens to accept payment from overseas & make sending & receiving the transaction easy.

If you have been using PayPal for a while, you know it offers features such as sending an invoice or you can simply send you PayPal email address to receive payment.

For me, I find it little security concern when sending the email address, as this reveals a lot about me & if we are using free email service, it looks unprofessional.


Now, if you share the same concern for me, I have great news for every PayPal users based in U.S., as now you can have a short PayPal URL like paypal.me/YourName , which you can share your friends, family or clients to get paid.

How PayPal.Me works & how to get your’s short PayPal URL?

This is an official feature by PayPal team that is free & currently available to limited countries (India is not in the list). If you have a PayPal account, just head to PayPal.me & click on Grab a link now to create your short PayPal payment link.

PayPal short URL

On the next page add your short URL, which you want, it would check for availability & from here you can claim it.

screenshot www.paypal.com 2020.08.29 14 13 15 1

If you have an existing PayPal account, you just need to login to link your unique PayPal.Me URL or you can create a new PayPal account.

screenshot www.paypal.com 2020.08.30 22 03 13

Since this service is launched today, this is your chance to grab a meaningful PayPal.me URL for yourself or your business. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can have a URL like PayPal.me/bhuvneshd, Paypal.me/copywriter & so on.

PayPal.Me links can’t be reserved and are available on a first come, first-served basis. If your preferred link is taken, try some alternatives or pick one of our suggestions. Also, choose your link carefully, as you won’t be able to edit it or get a new one later. This service works both on desktop & mobile.

The only sad part is, this service has not been rolled out to all the countries & not available for my country. This also adds a big limitation for users who are using PayPal.me address to request payment, as it won’t work in countries where PayPal.me is not available. I believe it would take few months before this service will be available for all the part of the world, & it will make sending & receiving payment easier than before.

Note: Before PayPal, Bangalore-based Instamojo added this feature call InstaPay, which helped numerous Indian freelancers & small businesses to receive payment using a short & memorable link.

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