How to make money from Viglink affiliate network

VigLink has recently introduced a new affiliate network which can save web entrepreneurs valuable time and help them earn significant money. By simply registering, you will get access to at least 12,500 partners with the sovrn viglink. The best part is it’s free to join.

The job of an online internet marketer never finishes when you set up a handful of links to make money your website. You have to manage your projects and make sure your url links are always functioning and may even decide to cloak your links so nobody hijacks your affiliate ID’s.

When you have One or two websites, this is generally not a problem, but no one can make serious money with a few sites so you will inevitably face this issue. With VigLinks, you can worry less and concentrate your attention on income generating activities, like creating more blogs.

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Besides combining your affiliate network, VigLink also can make withdrawing money a whole lot easier. As opposed to other affiliate’s programs, you only have a twenty five dollar minimum to pull out money. You talk about increasing your websites liquidity! The more money you have on hand, the sooner you can grow your online business.

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How does VigLink make money? There is a cost to their service. Well, VigLink will take 25 percent of the action. This may be the only drawback to viglink affiliate program, but on the other hand it, frees up a huge amount of time.

VigLink claims to receive top tier payouts from all affiliate partners, which helps canceled out the twenty five percent take. Which means that as a group the commission rates are better using VigLink than going at it by yourself. I’ve asked for verification, but viglink merchants is fairly quiet about commission rates received from advertisers.

Despite the fee, VigLink does make life easier and simplifies managing many affiliate relationships.

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Want some more reasons to join?

1. It will save you plenty of time.

2 Forget about fooling/tooling around with affiliate url links. Hooray!

3. Low payout threshold

4. Terrific Amazon or Google AdSense replacement

5. Post any link from 12,500 retailers and get paid.

6. Shouldn’t hinder your existing Affiliate links.

Is Viglink for you? It all depends. When you have a niche website generating great revenue, then “don’t fix it if it is not broken”. I got numerous blogs that are making fantastic money and would never consider utilizing Viglink.

On the other hand, I have poor performing sites that have started performing nicely using Viglink. Adding Viglink opened up so many more possibilities that may have fallen beyond my niche. If you have a loosely defined niche market, Viglink could be for you. Besides, what’s the risk, correct? I really like VigLink since it is one more tool in my income generating arsenal./

Should you use viglink sovrn? While I don’t utilize VigLink 100% of the time, I have found it does well on forums and blog sites, particularly if you let your visitors place links to major online retailers.

I have also found, VigLink saves me a great deal of time and I like the fact I can take a payout after only $25. While this might not seem to be like a lot it “keeps the lights on”. viglink sign up costs nothing and the only real fe is an opportunity cost, but if you get a lot more clicks who cares, right? Utilize VigLinks as needed since it provides you with more arrows in your worthwhile quiver.

Happy Selling.

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